Equal Press Expert Database

Disclaimer: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed by the experts featured on this database belong solely to said expert, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Equal Press or MOSAIC.


Cicely Blain
CEO, Cicely Blain Consulting Cicely Blain
Diversity and inclusion; anti-racism; social justice; intersectionality; Black Lives Matter
Karin Tischler
Founder, Emily's Path Consulting Karin Tischler
Returning to paid work; stay at home moms; flexible work; job sharing; returnships; gender equality
Jennifer Hollinshead
Founder & Clinical Director, Peak Resilience Jennifer Hollinshead
Trauma; sexual trauma; feminist therapy; intersectional feminism; domestic violence; sexual harassment; workplace harassment; pyramid of violence; integrated therapy; clinical supervision
Chastity Davis
Lead Consultant, Chastity Davis Consulting Chastity Davis
Indigenous relations; Natural Resource Development; Indigenous Gender-Based Analysis; missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls (MMIWG); Indigenous Awareness Training; reconciliation; economic reconciliation; Yin Yoga