#FeatureFriday – Diane Turner

Equal Press #FeatureFriday is a space to highlight individuals or organizations doing noteworthy work in the areas of mediaviolence prevention, or gender equality. This week, we are featuring another expert from our database!

Meet Diane!

Diane Turner (BA, BEd, LLB, LLM) practices law at the firm of Kelliher & Turner in the areas of of personal injury litigation, criminal law and victims’ advocacy. She taught international criminal law and ethics at the University of the Hague for 6 years. She was the Chair of the Disciplinary Board of the International Criminal Court and is currently its Disciplinary Commissioner. She was called to the Bar of British Columbia, Canada in 1984 and obtained an LL.M at King’s College in London in 1986, after which she commenced work as Crown Counsel in Vancouver and Victoria. From 1990 to 1996 she provided policy and legal advice at the Criminal Justice Branch of the Ministry of Attorney General, particularly in regard to violence against women, prostitution gender equity, and sexual assault. She served on the British Columbia Task Force on Family Violence and was instrumental in the development of a comprehensive province-wide justice system policy on Violence Against Women in Relationships. She served on a number of B.C. Law Society and Canadian Bar Association Committees, including the Discipline Committee, the CBA Judicial Advisory Committee and the Provincial Court of British Columbia Judicial Council. She acted in a Coroner’s Inquest involving the deaths of five family members in Victoria and co-authored, “Keeping Women Safe – April 2008”, which prompted the government of B.C. to launch an action plan to address domestic violence in a more coordinated and effective fashion. She became Queen’s Counsel in 2011.

When we asked Diane why her work is important, she said:

“The eradication of violence in all forms is essential for the survival of humanity and the planet.”

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