#FeatureFriday – Karin Tischler

Equal Press #FeatureFriday is a space to highlight individuals or organizations doing noteworthy work in the areas of mediaviolence prevention, or gender equality. This week, we are featuring another expert from our database!

Meet Karin!

Karin Tischler received an M.Phil in Economics from the University of Oxford, and has gained research expertise throughout her professional life. She worked first as a management consultant in England, Germany, and the USA on various projects ranging from airport management to retail (3 years). As the head of the Competitive Intelligence Department for a Fortune 500 company, she provided research and data information for investor calls as well as senior executives and board of director meetings (5 years). After experiencing being a stay-at-home mom for 11 years, Karin has used her research skills for the past 14 months to conduct international best practice research about professionals trying to return to paid work. She has interviewed and met best practice leaders in Europe as well as North America, and was invited to the largest North American returner conference by its founder. She also received a bursary to attend the Women Deliver 2019 conference further learning and advocating about professionals returning back to paid work. Karin has been a guest on podcasts, Facebook live chat, published a blog, presented and organized an event to raise further awareness about this often forgotten but very important part of the workforce. She is very well connected (10k LinkedIn connections) in the flexible job/job sharing/returners/gender equality community in Europe, North America and the rest of the world. Karin’s mother tongue is German and thus she is aware of the latest European industry trends very early.

When we asked Karin why her work is important, she said:

“Current and future professionals will be helped if we can find ways to get them back to paid work.”

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Emily’s Path Consulting provides advocacy & resources for highly-qualified professionals returning to paid work after an absence.