#FeatureFriday – Katie Chave

Equal Press #FeatureFriday is a space to highlight individuals or organizations doing noteworthy work in the areas of mediaviolence prevention, or gender equality. This week, we are featuring another expert from our database!

Meet Katie!

Katie Chave (BA) is currently the coordinator for the Community Based Victim Services program in Cranbrook. With 6 years of experience in the anti-violence sector, an undergrad major in the Women’s and Gender Studies program from the University of Saskatchewan, and a passion for social justice, Katie strives to support and assist those in her community who are experiencing gender-based violence, and power based crimes.

Since beginning her work in the Community Based Victim Services program, Katie has been invested in implementing and participating in projects that support and serve victims of intimate partner violence, and sexualized assault, including an Interagency Case Assessment Team, Sexualized Assault Response Team, and Third Party Reporting. In addition, Katie is committed to promoting community education and awareness of services and support available to the Cranbrook area. Katie fosters an enduring passion for inclusive, intersectional, and ecological feminism, and strives to utilize language that is accurate, responsible, contextual, and demonstrative of victim resistance when discussing violence or oppression on both an individual and global scale.

When we asked Katie why her work is important, she said:

“Witnessing folks restore their dignity through prudent resistance is profound, and life affirming.”

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Summit Community Services Society is a non-profit agency promoting community well-being in the Cranbrook and Kimberley area. They offer a range of services including child care programs, senior services, as well as support and counselling services. Summit is dedicated to promoting community well-being by providing a continuum of quality, accessible, client-centred support and intervention services in a respectful manner.