About Equal Press

Equal Press is a three-year initiative based in Vancouver, British Columbia that seeks to address how local news media represents gender and gender-based violence. The project applies an intersectional lens which takes into account the diversity of class, race, and sexuality in the community, and endeavours to help journalists integrate a trauma-informed approach into their work.

It was launched as a response to two key issues:

  1. Women and gender-diverse people are currently underrepresented in news media.
  2. Gender-based violence is often underreported or poorly reported in news media.

Equal Press has three main goals:

  • To promote gender equality and diversity in news media content;
  • To enhance news media capacity to appropriately and ethically address gender-based violence; and
  • To enhance the representation of women and gender-diverse people as experts and leaders in news media.

To achieve our objectives, we are:

  • Developing a guide for news media outlets, journalists, and journalism students on trauma-informed reporting of gender-based violence.
  • Creating an online database of women and gender-diverse experts on gender and gender-based violence for journalists to access for consultation, guidance, and comment.
  • Providing training materials and workshops on media engagement for experts of underrepresented genders.


Latest News

Reporting on Gender-Based Violence: A Guide for Journalists

It’s finally here! Equal Press is proud to present Reporting on Gender-based Violence: A Guide for Journalists. After many months of research, consultation, and writing, we’re thrilled to launch our guidebook for news media reporting on gender-based violence. Recent years have seen […]

Recap: Media Training Workshops

In response to the excellent feedback following our last media training workshop in September, Equal Press decided to bring Shari Graydon of Informed Opinions back to Vancouver for two more workshops in February. These workshops were tailored specifically to women […]

Media Training Workshops – February 2020

Join us for two exciting media training workshops for women and gender-diverse experts in BC!   About these events Equal Press is thrilled to host Shari Graydon from Informed Opinions for two media training workshops for women and gender-diverse individuals, who have specific expertise in […]

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Jennifer Hollinshead
Founder & Clinical Director, Peak Resilience Jennifer Hollinshead
Trauma; sexual trauma; feminist therapy; intersectional feminism; domestic violence; sexual harassment; workplace harassment; pyramid of violence; integrated therapy; clinical supervision
Chastity Davis
Lead Consultant, Chastity Davis Consulting Chastity Davis
Indigenous relations; natural resource development; Indigenous gender-based analysis; missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls (MMIWG); Indigenous awareness training; reconciliation; economic reconciliation; Yin Yoga ...
Cicely Blain
CEO, Cicely Blain Consulting Cicely Blain
Diversity and inclusion; anti-racism; social justice; intersectionality; Black Lives Matter
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