MOSAIC was founded in 1976 to provide services to newcomers settling in Canada. Over the years, services have evolved to include innovative projects that serve client needs, as well as inform government and community about best practices and necessary change to improve policy for immigrants, refugees, and visible minorities. Several educational and awareness projects have been successfully delivered to people in diverse communities and to front-line service providers to enhance their capacity to better serve multi-barriered, culturally diverse individuals. All the services utilize an integrated model of service delivery encompassing a culturally sensitive approach.

Equal Press is a specialized three-year project of MOSAIC, funded by the Department for Women and Gender Equality (formerly Status of Women Canada)/Government of Canada, which seeks to promote gender equality in news media and create awareness of best practices for media reporting on gender-based violence.

The Equal Press project is one of many across Canada funded by the Department for Women and Gender Equality. Each initiative has elected women leaders to guide their local project, and also take part in the national Gender Equality Network Canada (GENC). The objective of this network is to advocate for policy changes, build inclusive intersectional leadership, and create a national strategy for gender equality. The GENC leaders for Equal Press are: Joan Anderson, Gisela Ruebsaat, and Ayesha Chaudhry.

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