Reporting on Gender-Based Violence: A Guide for Journalists

It’s finally here! Equal Press is proud to present Reporting on Gender-based Violence: A Guide for Journalists.

After many months of research, consultation, and writing, we’re thrilled to launch our guidebook for news media reporting on gender-based violence.

Recent years have seen a notable surge in worldwide news media coverage of gender-based violence (GBV), from high-profile cases involving public figures to frequent media releases from police regarding unsolved incidents of sexual assault, and all too often, domestic violence ending in homicide.

In response to both this surge in coverage, as well as the increasing and ever-changing public discourse, MOSAIC’s Equal Press Project has joined the efforts of a global movement to encourage more ethical reporting on GBV. To do so, we have developed a guidebook for journalists and journalism students on responsible and trauma-informed reporting of GBV, in hopes of supporting them to more effectively report on this complex issue, and by providing tools to re-calibrate the way the media has traditionally portrayed it.

Reporting on Gender-Based Violence: A Guide for Journalists seeks to provide context and guidance for journalists reporting on GBV, with focused tip-sheets on four marginalized communities: LGBTQIA2+ folks, people with disabilities, Indigenous peoples, and migrants. We recognize the critical role journalism plays in shaping narratives and educating the public – and hope you will find this resource useful in your work.

We have a limited number of hard copies available upon request. Access our digital version here.