Join our Database!

The Equal Press database of media-trained experts will be made available for journalists to access for consultation, guidance, and comment when reporting on issues on gender and gender-based violence.

As a project that is seeking to promote underrepresented voices in news media, we are specifically looking for self-identified womenthose assigned female at birth, Two Spirit, and non-binary folx to join our database. Interested individuals should also live/work in British Columbia, have a minimum of 5 years of experience in an academic, professional, or advocacy capacity, and have expertise relating to gender and/or gender-based violence. In an effort to have our expert database reflect the diversity of British Columbia, we encourage experts of diverse racial, ethnic, class, and disability backgrounds to apply.

Equal Press will also be offering free media-training workshops beginning in Fall 2019 for experts on our database. For more information, indicate your interest below.

Please provide at least one means of contact that can be published on the database.